Job Category: Stone Mason
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canterbury Office Based

Salary: £30k

Our client is a leading provider of high-quality headstones. Specialising in crafting personalised tributes that honour and commemorate the lives of loved ones. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we strive to create enduring memorials that serve as lasting legacies for families and communities.

Job Description:

As a Stone Mason you will play a crucial role in the creation of custom headstones and monuments. Your expertise in stonemasonry techniques and your artistic sensibility will contribute to the production of meaningful tributes that honour the memories of the departed. You will work closely with our design team and clients to bring their visions to life, ensuring that each piece reflects the unique personality and spirit of the individual being memorialised.


  1. Stone Cutting and Shaping: Utilise various tools and techniques to cut, shape, and sculpt stone according to design specifications.
  2. Engraving and Lettering: Skillfully carve inscriptions, epitaphs, and decorative motifs into stone surfaces using traditional and modern engraving methods.
  3. Assembly and Installation: Assemble individual stone components into cohesive structures, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic harmony. Install finished headstones and monuments at cemetery sites or designated locations.
  4. Surface Finishing: Apply finishes, such as polishing, sandblasting, or painting, to enhance the appearance and durability of stone surfaces.
  5. Quality Control: Conduct thorough inspections of completed work to ensure adherence to quality standards and client specifications. Make necessary adjustments or repairs as needed.
  6. Safety and Maintenance: Adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. Maintain cleanliness and organization in work areas, including proper storage and care of tools and equipment.
  7. Customer Interaction: Collaborate with clients to understand their preferences, provide guidance on design options, and address any concerns or questions they may have throughout the production process.


  1. Experience: Proven experience as a stone mason, preferably in a similar industry such as monument design or architectural stonework.
  2. Skills: Proficiency in stonemasonry techniques, including cutting, carving, and shaping. Ability to interpret design blueprints and specifications. Strong attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  3. Creativity: Artistic sensibility and creative flair for designing and executing unique and meaningful memorials.
  4. Physical Stamina: Ability to perform physically demanding tasks, including lifting heavy stone blocks and working in various weather conditions.
  5. Communication: Excellent communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with team members and interact professionally with clients.
  6. Safety Consciousness: Commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to all safety regulations and procedures.

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