Why choose BeeLine Recruitment

We understand the importance of recruiting the right team members into your organisation. BeeLine Recruitment appreciates that it is imperative to identify the candidates with the right skill set but we also know there's more to the recruitment process. We also look at our candidate's cultures, personalities and ambitions to make sure they are the right fit for you.

If you are looking for recruitment support please do get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail. We are an honest, friendly team that works hard to give all our clients the best possible service.

Recruitment service options that we provide


Contingency Service

With a 'No hire, no fee' service we work hard to find you the ideal candidate for your vacancy. Contingency recruitment means that as the client you will be using us as well as other agencies to support your recruitment process. 


Exclusive Service

BeeLine Recruitment will work on the role exclusively, but still only gets paid on success. The benefit in working this way over contingency recruitment is that it allows us time to search more extensively.


Retained Service

Our retained service allows us to work more collaborative with our clients, allowing realistic time-frames to source candidates, headhunt and tap into passive networks as well as searching through our active candidate database.
Typically, the client will pay a percentage of the expected fee up front then another payment when the shortlist is produced; and then the final balance on success. This process means both parties are 100% committed. It strengthens the relationship as we work together to produce the outcome required.

The biggest win by working on a retained basis is that we have more time to source appropriate candidates which will ultimately mean a better quality result at the end of the process. BeeLine Recruitment will continue to work on the vacancy until it has been filled.

Our recruitment process

  1. We encourage our clients to fully brief us on the role. This is key to ensuring that we are able to target the strongest candidates during our search process
  2. We manage all potential applicants in a professional, supportive manner. Candidates will be interviewed and thoroughly briefed on all the requirements of the role. If the match is right we then guide the candidates through the application process, making sure our clients receive high quality targeted applications
  3. Once we have shortlisted the successful candidates they would be forwarded to you by the deadline date with a CV, supporting statement and any other information that you may require
  4. We will manage the offer to your preferred candidate. We will also request feedback for those candidates who are not successful, thus leaving all candidates with a lasting, positive impression of the process
  5. If our candidates are offered an interview, we hold pre-interview briefings with all candidates to make sure they are fully prepared and well informed
  6. We advertise your role on key job boards

Included in the Retained Service

  1. All our advertising will be branded with your logo. Advert responses will be directed to a bespoke job page on our website designed specifically for this role. This also gives you the opportunity to provide any supporting media to bring the job to life! This may include: video content, images, links to news articles or social media campaigns
  2. We will continue to give the assignment our full and dedicated attention until you appoint your preferred candidate
  1. Keith Smith, Community Engagement Manager at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
    "Professional and supportive" I have been employed in the same job for the last 10 years and felt to push and challenge myself I needed a change of direction. I posted my C.V on an employment website regarding my interest in a post. Within a short space of time I received a phone call and had an over the phone assessment. Within days I was notified that I had an interview. Becky helped me prepare for my interview very well and on the same day I was promptly called to say that I was offered the job.
  2. James Hale, Marketing & Membership Manager at NAM Aidsmap
    Becky approached me at an opportune time to find a new position, and then provided an excellent background to both the position and the company to ensure my success at interview. The thorough understanding of both the position on offer and my own skill set made for a good fit for both parties, and I hope to be able to use her services again when the time comes to make a further move in my career.